Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tubular Cast-Off Tutorial

Hello all!

When it comes to casting off, I usually have the problem of my cast-off being -way- too tight for my project.   This is ok, or at least tolerable, on a sleeve, or something that will be seamed.

It -sucks- for any edge that needs the elasticity.  The only reason my Freestyle Shawl (an older project) didn't suffer from this is because it was knit on a bigger needle size, and even then, the cast off edge is far tighter then I would like.

So, since the Fall Lake Slippers are knit toe-up, and I was really worrying about that cuff.  Would my cast-off make the cuff just too darn tight?

But then I learned about a technique called Tubular Cast-Off. It's a touch more time-consuming, but it's worth it if you don't want a tight bind-off edge.  The pattern actually contains a really nice tutorial on this. 

From my internet research, there seem to be several ways of doing this, but I'm going to show you the one I like -- and the one that the pattern specifies.

(P. S.:  I'm still perfecting taking camera pictures of my work in a way that doesn't come out blurry.  I'd like to think I'm getting better, but I do know they're still not the greatest pictures.)

 Start by doing at least one row of k1 p1 ribbing before your bind off row.

Then, measure across your work (or around if you're working in the round), and cut a tail of yarn four times longer then your measurement.  Thread that through a tapestry needle.

 In this photo, I've already done part of the cast off, but that's ok, there's no set-up required for this, other then the previous row of ribbing.

Step one is to pass the tapestry needle through the first stitch on your needle as if to knit, slip the first stitch off of the needle.

Now, pass the tapestry needle through the second stitch on your needle as if to purl.  Leave this stitch on the needle.

Next, keeping the yarn in front, pass the tapestry needle through the first stitch on the needle as if to purl and slip this stitch off of the needle.

Now, bring the yarn behind (not over the needle, you don't want a yarn-over here), and insert the tapestry needle between the first and second stitches on the needle, going from back to front.

The last step is to pass the needle, once again, through the second stitch on the needle as if to knit.

And that is that!  Repeat this until all the stitches have been cast off, pull the tail through the last stitch, if necessary, and weave in the end.

As a note, this is actually a variant on grafting (aka kitchener stitch), so you'll see a lot of online tutorials asking you to split your work onto two needles.  I like this method because you don't have to do that, but if you find that works better for you, then by all means.

This is a slower method then the typical cable cast-off, and it does mean that if you don't cut a long enough tail of yarn you could be in trouble.  Also, because it does use the k1 p1 ribbing, it might not work for something like a shawl edge.  But for things like cuffs (I'm betting this will see a lot of use when I try out toe-up socks!), it's actually really nice.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Treasure Finds at Knit-O-Matic

My apologies, I meant to get this post up earlier!  But I was distracted by knitting. Can I be forgiven?



Due to scheduling between my volunteer work and choir practice, there is the occasional day where I don't have enough time to go home, but I still have time to kill.  And Knit-O-Matic is basically right along my travel path.

So I decided to stick my head in there (I'd only been briefly, once before), and hang out and knit.

It was actually really awesome.  They've got a good selection of yarn (and for the more budget conscious, their sale bins usually have something awesome in them), and the woman I met (whom I'm assuming is the store's owner, and I'm sadly blanking on her name), had a real live lovebird on her shoulder, which is amazing!

I am the type that if I'm in a new yarn store and I've spent a good bit of time knitting, I find it polite to buy something.  I've taken up their time, used their space; I don't mind supporting them. (If I'm a regular, I won't buy something every time I'm there, but I do still try and buy something occassionally, even it's just a snack, tea, or a new set of needles).

So I walked away with three things:

1) Two skeins of Dream in Colour Classy from their Sale Bin:

"Some Summer Sky"

and "Midnight Derby".

I have plans for both skeins already, both are, hopefully, going to become heavy socks.

Speaking of socks, though, the far more exciting find, though, was a copy of "Knit.Sock.Love"

While the e-book on Ravelry isn't too badly priced, the physical book is out of print, and, due to oddities (or should that be stupidities?) in Amazon's pricing algorithms, is currently priced at around 300 dollars for a new copy and starts at 60 for a used copy. My copy was 35 dollars and change, which is far more reasonable. 

When I saw that on the shelf, I just knew I -had- to pick it up while I had the chance.  Though I'm not a sock-knitting addict, socks make wonderful portable projects, and great gifts.  You can never have too many sock patterns, I figure, since you will almost always need more socks.

Project Update -- September 27th, 2013

No pictures (it's dark now, so pictures don't turn out as well), but some news.

1)  I've determined that yes, I -will- need more yarn to finish my Mariah Cabled Cardigan. It's been an interesting adventure, knitting this, because I started when I knew a lot less then I know now.

So, I've put 1 more skein of the Dream In Colour Smooshy with Cashmere on my wishlist at EatSleepKnit.  (It's not in stock there right now).    Where I originally got the yarn, back in 2012, is no longer carrying Dream in Colour yarns, in fact, I haven't found a local place that carries the Smooshy with Cashmere.  Knit-O-Matic could order a bag of the Smooshy with Cashmere, I've been told, but I don't need a bag, just one more skein.  And though yes, I could use the other skeins in luxurious socks, I don't like the cashmere content in socks, because I want my socks to be machine washable.

However, this means that my new skein, like most hand-dyed yarns, won't be an exact match.  So, my plan is to finish up the sleeve with the skein I have now, then alternate the new skein with the ends from my various old skeins, and hope that hides the worst of the dye lot variation.

2) My Cowl KAL is progressing. . . slowly.  I just sat down with Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (can I say that I love the original series far more then the JJ Abrams reboot?)  and knit through that, which got me to the second pattern repeat (the pattern repeats 6 times).   When I'm done here, I'm going to stick on the Star Trek original series episode "Space Seed" and see if I can't get more knitting done tonight before my roommate gets home from work.

3) My Christmas Entrelac Scarf is getting closer to completion.  It's become my take-along brainless knitting for the moment, because it really is.  Entrelac looks complicated, but so long as you don't knit too many stitches in a section, you're fine.  I'm going to use three balls of the Liberty Wool Light, and then I'll see how much longer I think it needs to be.  I'm also going to add some fringe to it -- I think it would look better.

Knitting In Public Trials

So, there have been a few things that happened in my knitting life, but this one is kind of sad.

I do volunteer work, and I often knit something brainless through the meetings.  They can get quite long, and while I do totally appreciate making sure that everyone is heard, it does mean that the meetings can drag sometimes.

So, I knit.  It helps me pay attention, and it keeps me from fidgeting or going stir-crazy during the long meetings.

Apparently someone took objection to that.  It's probably the assumption that I'm being disrespectful to the speakers, or that I'm not paying attention (despite the fact that I tend to be pretty vocal during these meetings).   I can understand that, it's a common assumption, and I can totally see why someone who doesn't knit could think that my attention is not on the speakers or the meeting.

The sad part of it is, they didn't come to me.  They wrote a note to the person running the meeting, who then had to talk to me.  Now, the person running the meeting doesn't mind my knitting at all, (and hadn't even noticed until it was pointed out) so as long as I am still actually paying attention, and am not distracting the people next to me, it's not a problem in their mind.

Fair enough.

I just wish that whoever felt that my knitting was disruptive for some reason could have come to me directly.   I would have happily explained.   I'd have to find the links again, (and if someone is curious, I can go digging for them) but there are actual studies showing that knitting actually increases your absorption of information.

Anyway, I did agree to bring a smaller project (I was working on my scarf, and it's getting kind of long), in case it was just the size that was distracting -- if it's a much smaller 'in hand' kind of project, maybe it won't bug others as much. I don't mind compromising at all, I really just wish I could have had this sort of discussion with whoever it is that is bothered by my knitting.  

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Gox Sock the first is done!

Well, the post title pretty much says it all.  I finished up the first of the Gox Socks at about 11:30 tonight.

I could have waited to get a better picture tomorrow morning in sunlight, but I'm impatient!  (That and I have lots to do tomorrow, so I didn't want to have these languishing without a picture for too long).

Since the test-knit only asked for one sock, this means that they can be back-burnered for a while while I focus on holiday knitting and my various KALs.

They're actually -really- comfy.  The arch shaping felt a little odd when I first tried it on, but it works out well.  Don't let the odd look of this sock deceive you, it really does work. 

Almost done. . .

I've been knitting up a storm over the past few days, and, well, I've got some work to show for it.

My Gox Socks Test Knit is almost done, I've just got the toe decreases left to do.  The pattern is actually really enjoyable.  It's the first time I've done a sock with arch shaping, and it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be.   The deadline is the 30th of September, so I should have them done with days to spare. 

As much fun as these are, though, I think the second sock will get sidelined a little, just simply due to KAL's and Christmas knitting.  But that's ok.

I'm knitting away on a few other projects, too. Hopefully I'll have more pictures for people soon. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Slippers that look like slippers!

My other big project has been trying to finish up the Fall Lake Slippers. 

Since my roommate's slippers kind of died, she's asked for new ones.  I don't mind obliging. 

Anyway, slipper number one is almost done (I'm about half-way through the last repeat).

With the bulky-weight yarn they knit up quite quickly, which is nice when I want a quick-gratification project.   Once this is finished, I just have to whip-stitch it to the sole and it will be done.   Then it'll be onto slipper number two!

It's KAL time!

So, I mentioned in a previous post that I'm doing a knit-along. 

Well, I started yesterday.

Here is my Evening Star Cowl in Malabrigo Sock.

It's kind of deformed right now, because it's jammed onto a 9-inch circular.  But it's working out ok, for the most part.  I am finding it hard to do a ssk with a YO with the Aero needles, just because they really are not pointy.  But I can work around that.  Otherwise, it's working out really well. 

The deadline is the 6th of October.  It's going to be tight, but I think I can make it -- and even if I don't, it's still a major push to actually make this pattern.

. . . but wait, there's more!

I've signed up for a Sock-Along that EatSleepKnit is running on Ravelry. It looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

There are two patterns:  One is Froot Loop (non-Ravelry link here), and the other is Elementary Watson.  They're both free patterns; so all I have to get is the yarn.   It starts October 1rst and runs until December 15th.

In order to be eligible for prizes, the yarn has to have been bought at EatSleepKnit, either previously, or as part of the sock-along now.  If you're buying specifically for the sock-along, you can let them know and they'll take 20% off of the sock yarn you're buying for the sock-along.  This post has all the details.

Anyway, I took advantage of this and bought two skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label.  One Skein in "Peacock" and one skein in "Natural."  I also bought a bunch of Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted (to make the free shipping and it's a power boost yarn, too).

What makes this really awesome is that this purchase brought me to the point on their Yarn Lotto that I get a free subscription to a magazine of my choice for a year!  I'm going to choose Interweave Knits, which I've heard really good things about.  I've still got to sort the details out, but that shouldn't take too long.

So, I'm going to have lots of knitting to do!  But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Friday, 20 September 2013

My first KAL

So, I've decided to join in my first-ever knit-along.  It's a pretty open idea, with the challenge of knitting a cowl, there's no specific pattern.  Start date is September 22nd, end date of October 6th.

However, I'm not usually much of a cowl person.  If I want something around my neck, I'd rather have a scarf.  That being said, I love hoods.   Now, if it gets cold enough, yes, I want a proper hat, but hoods are great when the weather is cool-but-not-cold, or to wear under/over a hat when it gets really cold.

When I saw the Evening Star cowl, I fell in love.   I'm a Lord of the Rings fan, and so the entire e-book appealed to me.  Pretty much everything in that e-book has gone into my Ravelry queue, which is actually kind of exciting.

That, and it was a wonderful marriage of yarn and pattern -- remember that Malabrigo Sock in Solis that I won a while ago?   Well, it just seemed to completely suit the pattern.

Unfortunately, I don't have a free set of 4mm circulars, except a short 9 inch Aero circular.  I've tried swatching on that (we're allowed to swatch, we just have to start from scratch on the 22nd), and it works.  Sort of.

While, yes, I can jam 144 stitches onto the 9 inch circ, it's not pleasant to do so, and yes, it is the right size, but the Aero tips (these are quite old Aeros, they were originally my mother's knitting needles) are very round and I find I'm more pushing the yarn around then knitting properly. 

Unfortunately, apparently it's hard to find 4mm needles!  My LYS apologized profusely, but they didn't have any 4mm circulars (in any length). (It's not their fault, they're waiting on some orders).  And I won't get the opportunity to  go to another LYS until at least this Tuesday, after the start date, and there's no guarantee they'll have the needles I want.  Considering I'm not a fast knitter, I don't want to wait until Tuesday (possibly later) to properly cast on. I'm going to need every second of my knitting time to attempt to make this deadline.

So, I'm going to start on the Aero needles, and I've gone and ordered a 24 inch 4mm Hiya Hiya circular from EatSleepKnit with my newest order of yarn.  If it arrives in time, I will switch to it, if not, I have it for another project.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sock Gussets and more pretty yarn

So, I'm about half-way through the gussets on my Gox Socks.

They're going to be tight to the Sept 30th deadline, but I should be good.  I'm actually really enjoying this test-knit.  These socks promise to be nice and warm.

Also, I was out at the Purple Purl yesterday (The Purple Purl is about a block north of my volunteer sites, so it's really convenient when I'm out there),  and I picked up the skein of Silver Label I was planning on getting.

Tanis Fiber Arts Silver Label in Cobalt:

I'm -loving- the colourway, and it should look -awesome- knitted up.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Knit Night fun!

Well, I went to Knit Night over at The Knit Cafe last night, after a few weeks of not being able to make it.

I got a lot done on my projects, which is great. . . and I came home with more yarn.

I usually don't buy yarn unless I know exactly what it will be, but the two skeins of Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica in "Blue Jay" just kept calling my name!

Once I got it home and had a look through my patterns, I realized it would make a perfect Tweed Hat and Scarf,  yet another pattern from Knitting Everyday Finery. It's a very versatile pattern book! (My only worry is if it pools funny, but I won't know that until I start knitting!)

Going back to the Knit Cafe for a second, I also found out that they will be hosting a class on designing your own sweater in November/December, and I'm really tempted to sign up. I've got a stash of Briggs and Little Softspun that I've got my own sweater idea for, and this might help me figure out exactly how to get the idea I have in my head translated into an actual sweater design.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Project Update -- September 16th

Well, it's been a busy knitting week, but there are only a few big things of note:

1) I finished the soles on the Fall Lake Slippers and started into the slipper foot proper.

I'll sew in the ends later.

While I'm quite happy with the pattern in general, I do have to say that the pfb back stitch is -hard-!  I'm discovering that purling through the back loop, in general, is just really fiddly to get the needle into place.

2) An update on the Pyjama shorts.

I finished the left leg during a Role-Playing session.  Haven't cast on the right leg yet.

Yes, the bottom curls a lot, there's actually a purled fold line there, the bottom of the leg is folded up and seamed. 

3) Finally, though there's no picture, I've started the increases for the sleeve on the Cable Sweater.  The sweater's taking a while, but hey, I'm ok with that.  It's a slow but steady project, and I'm actually quite enjoying it.  I'm a little worried I might run out of yarn, but I'll deal with that if it actually looks like I will.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Fuzzy Knitting Helpers.

Well, this was supposed to be a general update on my other knitting projects.

But it appears to have been taken over by the cats!

First is my Spring Coat (which with a bit of knitting luck might be finished in time for deep Fall, I'll have to see).  I finished the body to the underarms and started the sleeve.

But this is what happened when I put the body aside and went to find my double-pointed needles for the sleeve. . .

She was quite content about this!

Secondly, I was winding the yarn for the Fall Lake Slippers, and I had the other fuzzy helper decided to 'help' unwind the skein.

She really does like Briggs and Little, it seems!

The sole I'm knitting up is from an older slipper pattern that I already have, and it's done with the yarn held double.  Well, bulky yarn held double on 4.5 mm needles is a pretty tight knit.  I'm glad I'm only working the sole with doubled yarn.

Finally, I won 5 dollars over PayPal from a contest I entered months ago.  I'd always intended to pick up a pattern over Ravelry with it (because there's not much else I would spend 5 dollars online for), and decided on the Fairview Scarf.  I intend to do it in Tanis Fiber Arts Silver Label.  Yes, Silver Label is no longer being distributed, (but you can still order it directly from Tanis Fiber Arts), but last I checked the Purple Purl still had some in stock.

Birthday Gloves are done!

Yep, the Birthday Gloves are finished.  I finished them up, blocking them late tonight.

I even got them done before the Birthday in question, but they were gifted almost immediately to my roommate -- she wants to wear them to the Farmer's Market tomorrow!

It's nice to get something off my needles; especially given an upcoming KAL and more Christmas Knitting, too.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ravelry: The Ultimate Pattern Problem Solver

There are times when I really love Ravelry.

See, I was working on my Pyjama shorts, last night, and I ended up getting. . . well, kind of confused on the shaping for the left and right leg.

You can see the full post here.

Anyway, within about 5 minutes, I had my answer, and a really helpful tutorial on wrap-and-turn short rows, which is going to be linked here too, for those who are curious.

Everyone was helpful, and I've never once been made to feel like an idiot by posting questions to the Ravelry forums.  It's such a wonderful community and resource, with so many people willing to share what they know.

If you haven't joined Ravelry, or been on the forums, I strongly recommend it. 

Slipper Knitting

Well, first off, I want to say a big 'Thank You' to my readers -- I just passed 1000 page views!

Thank you!

With that out of the way, I started yet another project this morning -- and it's not even a Christmas project.

What -am- I thinking?

Actually, I know exactly what I'm thinking.

My roommate put in a request for a new pair of slippers.  The reason for this is because her old slippers were dying.

Well, they're now -dead-.  They got tossed before I got a picture, but the sole on one slipper was only hanging by a thread, they were both fraying and dying.

I was hoping her slippers would last long enough that I could do some Christmas knitting.  But no, no luck.

When she first asked for new slippers, (back when her slippers had just started to die) I had her pick colour and pattern.

She picked Briggs and Little Atlantic in Scarlet (which was part of this big Briggs and Little order)

And for pattern she picked the Fall Lake Slippers.  It's one of the rare times I purchase patterns on Ravelry, but there wasn't anything else comparable that she or I liked.

Thing is, I don't have slipper soles handy or readily available.  But I do have an older Patons Slipper Pattern that uses a knitted sole.  So I'm just going to use that sole and join it to these slippers.  Shouldn't be too much of an issue, I hope.

So, currently, there's two skeins of "Scarlet" out to be wound on my new swift.  I'm hoping these knit up pretty quick.

Monday, 9 September 2013

One Glove is done, how fast can I knit the other?

Well, the post title pretty much says it all.

I finished up the thumb of the Birthday Gloves earlier in the week.

I'm actually quite happy with how these are turning out, and I hope my giftee likes them too.

I did the start of the cuff of the second glove over this weekend, and got through a good chunk of the fair-isle work this morning, including putting in the waste yarn for the afterthought thumb (I'm willing to give it one more try!)  If I can get the fair-isle chart done, then I can take these as transit knitting to do the fingers.

I've still got 10 days to finish these, and it shouldn't be a problem.  No knitting three hours before the deadline again, I swear!

I no longer fail at cast-ons!

So, after my spectacular inability to cast on, I've finally gotten some actual work on the Gox Socks test knit.

Now that I can apparently not screw up something simple, I'm actually really loving the pattern.  It's an involved knit with cables and twists, but it's reasonably easy to remember.  (Though given my luck with it I don't think I'll bring it as my transit knitting!)  It's also producing a nice thick fabric that promises to be very warm.

Also, I took the 2.25 mm needles I just freed up, and am now using them for these.  Since this pattern uses arch shaping, I've been warned that all the gusset increases happen on one needle, so the longer the needle, the better.

But I'm really enjoying these, now that I don't fail at casting on!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

More things finished!

Yep, I know.  Short update. 

Given that it's holiday season, and that I'm busy with both Christmas and Birthday knitting, I'm always glad when I get something off the needles, even more so when they're something for me!

So, the Mercury Socks are done!


I'm actually really glad they're done.  I've been loving the one sock (so squishy and warm!) and now I have a pair. It also frees up my longer set of 2.25 mm double-points for other projects. 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Back from Lettuce Knit

So, I'm back from my day around downtown, and my trip to Lettuce Knit.

It was actually pretty cool.  Smaller then I expected, but hey, that's ok.  I don't know how often I'll be there, as it's a bit off the beaten path for me, (but if I do get that job, they're super-close by!)

So I hung out there and knit on my Mercury Socks, (which are new to this blog, I started them ages ago as part of a previous test-knit).

That's the first sock, I'm almost done the second.

I also found a bunch of new yarn.  I always like picking up a skein or two of yarn when I'm in a new-to-me yarn store, so. . . .

This is Northbound Knitting's Merino Superwash DK in "Conjure".  This just looked awesome to me.  I wish there had been a second skein of it, but no, no luck.

Then, one skein of Blue Moon BFL Fingering in "Neptune".  I'm hoping this will hold up well enough to make socks, I generally hear good things about the durability of the BFL fiber. 

And though I didn't originally intend to get these, I got three Blue Moon Silk Hankies on sale (they had an overstock).  One is "Sky Blue", the other two are "Sky Blue Pink."

Finally, after all that, I came home to a parcel in the mail from EatSleepKnit.  My skein of Malabrigo Sock, (from my winning yarn lotto ticket), arrived!

So, this is Malabrigo Sock, in "Solis".

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Job Interview and plans for another day around downtown:

I got a job interview! 

It's a place I applied for ages ago, and they got back to me and asked if I could come in tomorrow.  The position's part-time, so it won't interfere with my current job.

I'm excited, nervous, and going to try and go to bed right after I finish typing this.

Thing is, I'm meeting someone downtown later, so there's no point in me going home. It makes more sense to hang around and do some of those errands I didn't get to earlier, but even then, I'll have time to kill.

However, I realized I'm going to be close to Lettuce Knit.

I've never been there, and it's convenient that I can go there and sit and knit to kill some time.  There are a good number of little restaurants nearby it that I can get lunch/dinner (hopefully with better luck then last time!), including the place that I originally wanted to go to.

With a bit of luck, I might even be able to clear a project off the needles.  That would be nice.

On another note, I put in another order at EatSleepKnit -- with the Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted back in stock, I just ordered the last of the remaining yarn for my christmas gifts.

Finally, after all that, the choir at my church is starting back up for the fall, so the first practice is tomorrow evening.  It'll be nice to be singing in the choir again. :)

A Bad Day with A Good Ending

Long Post Warning:  

So I'm writing this under the influence of a rather unhappy stomach.  It's better then it was last night, but, well, let me tell the tale from the beginning.

I had work this morning, then a whole bunch of errands to downtown in afternoon.  Already, I knew this was going to be a long day.

Lets just say I fell on my behind and ended up in a lot of pain, didn't do half the errands I was planning, the place I wanted to go for lunch/dinner was closed (this involved quite a walk), and the place I did go for food. . . well, it disagreed with me.  Violently.

So by the time I got to Knit Night at the Purple Purl, I was nausious, thirsty, and hurty.   Not the best mindset to be knitting in, but actually, it mostly worked out.  Oh, I didn't feel great, but once I had the chance to sit down, sip a mug of tea, and actually re-compose myself, I felt a lot more human.

Thank you!

Ok, so I was actually going to the Purple Purl in search of yarn.  I've been looking for the right yarn for a friend's Christmas gift.  It has to be grey superwash, fingering-weight, wool.

My first choice was the Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in Charcoal, which is a colourway that Eat.Sleep.Knit doesn't stock.  Of course, unfortunately, the Purple Purl didn't have it either.

However, they did find me yarn that will suit perfectly.

I now have two skeins of Spud and Chloe Fine that will become a Caffinate! Coffee Press cover. 

The pattern calls for worsted weight, but my giftee has a mini-coffee press, and the idea of a mini-dalek made her giggle with delight over the phone, so I'm planning to just scale down the pattern in stitches per inch, work it with fingering-weight yarn, and call it done. I got dimensions out of her, so I should be good to go.

(Also, happily, I discovered in uploading this this morning, that Ravelry will keep stash entries separate if they have separate dye lots.  Well done!)

After getting my yarn, I then settled into work on my knitting at the knit night. I got the index finger done on the Birthday Gloves, (no new pic yet, I haven't had the energy), and started the thumb.

Holy crap, an afterthought thumb in fair-isle is hard!  A lot of the others there were saying that it wouldn't be easy, and they were right.   The bottom nine stitches came together just fine.  The top stitches. . . well, after a lot of cursing everything's on the needles, but it looks a little deformed.

I don't want to do this again in fair-isle.  I'd be a lot happier casting off and picking up.  I might, however, try it again on the left glove and see, however, if part of my frustration and inability was just simply the day I'd had.

So, after that long day, my stomach still lurching somewhat on the streetcar ride home, yes, I have new yarn, but I'm still not feeling that great. . . 

I come home to two boxes sitting in my living room.  One is small, the other big.  My roommate tells me that the post came for me.  No customs fees, no problem, the boxes just simply got dropped off.

So, another order came in from Eat.Sleep.Knit, for starters, and, as well, my Yarn Swift arrived!

I put it to work as a trial immediately, and I -love- this thing!  I'm actually really impressed by the Hornshaw Wood Works.  Their stuff is awesome, shipping was quick, and it was really well packed.

I needed 1 contrast skein for my plans with the Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Aran, and "Hush" seemed like a good contrast colourway.

I also got two skiens of Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted.  This is me planning ahead -- this is for my Father's Birthday next year (no knitting 3 hours before the deadline again, I hope!)  I usually wouldn't have bothered, except the Superwash Worsted is a Power Boost Yarn, so I might as well buy it now while I get a bonus for it.

So coming home to yarn and a swift really helped perk up my day.

I crawled into bed somewhat soon after that. 

I'm feeling somewhat better now, though breakfast is still a question mark.  But I'll distract myself with knitting, for the moment.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Project Updates -- September 2nd

Well, the knitting continues. 

Things have slowed down for the moment, and I've gotten some more things worked on.

First, I'm almost done the first glove of the Birthday Gloves. I just need to finish the index finger on the right glove, and I'll be half-way there. 

I'm not super-worried about my deadline.  I can get the cuff and the fingers done on transit, if I need to, and the Fair-Isle in the centre goes reasonably quick.

My other major progress has been on my Shorts.  I've gotten through the base stripes, and I'm currently doing the crotch shaping.

I realized after I'd gotten the yarn for these that they are close (though not exactly the same) in colour to the shorts pictured in the pattern book:

I didn't plan that, I swear!

Well, it's a quiet holiday Monday (no work today!) and since it's cooling down, now, I'm going to pull out the Spring Coat and do a few rows on that.  I've got to put another buttonhole in on this row.

Goodnight, all!