Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Beaded Year of Lace Scarf KAL

Hello again all!

So I said I was going to try and get better about posting things again, so here I am!

This time, it's with a Scarf KAL!

Every Year, Elizabeth Ravenwood Designs does a yearly Lace Scarf.  It's a free KAL, with one clue a month. 

It's basically a sampler scarf -- which is great, because then each section only takes a little bit of knitting!

The KAL is free to join (though you will have missed the first sections for February and March), and it's a lot of fun.

So, without further ado, I present my Beaded Year of Lace Scarf!

This shows the January and February Sections, and the start of the March section.

It's a lot of fun, honestly, and if you can join in, please, feel free!

I find I end up quite happily looking forward to each section of this.  I intend for it to be a Christmas gift for my Aunt, since she was gushing over the 2014 scarf when I wore it to the family new years party.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

EatSleepKnit 2015 Yarnathon

Arg!  Why didn't I post this before!

So, once again, EatSleepKnit has revamped their Yarnathon, and while posted this other places, I've been neglecting my blog again (bad Serena, bad!)

It's actually amazing now.  They've got badges you can win for things like extra yardage in the yarnathon, store credit, Ravelry credit. . . . and there aren't 4, but 12, year-long KALs!

"But why are you only telling me about this now?" you might ask.

Well. . . ok, I admit it.  I've been neglecting my blog.  That's why.  I blame this thing called 'work', plus some other not-so-fun health stuff that came up and kicked my butt for a while.   But don't despair!  Just because it's April does not mean that you too can't get involved in the fun that is the EatSleepKnit Yarnathon.  It runs all year! (And, while yes, it is addictive, it is also a good way to earn store credit and other rewards from then, so, take that with a however much salt you need!)

(And yes, full disclosure -- there is a badge for introducing folks to EatSleepKnit, and I intend to submit this post for it!)

Despite all my silliness, folks, though, this store is actually quite awesome.  Not only do they have many ways to give their customers free stuff,  they've also got amazing customer service, too.  It may sound kind of sappy, but they really are my go-to online store.  Also, their 'free shipping' prize does apply internationally, which is amazing! (Which, sadly, I cannot say about Canada Post).

That's about it for now, folks!  I leave you with the fact that the EatSleepKnit Yarnathon is fun, and a promise to try and update my blog more!